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Emergency Alert Siren

In 2007 the City of Brooklyn installed two Emergency Alert Sirens. The purpose of these sirens are to warn Brooklyn residents of emergency situations within the City of Brooklyn and surrounding areas and to keep them informed during those situations. The intent of the system is to alert residents to seek shelter or evacuate and obtain additional information as to the nature of the emergency. The following are just some examples of when the siren could be utilized:
  • Weather emergencies including tornados and other severe weather
  • Hazardous Material incidents
  • Terrorist Attacks

What you should do

  • DO NOT contact the Police or Fire Departments. If an actual emergency is taking place, we will be very busy multi tasking and handling the situation to ensure the safety of all residents.
  • If possible, turn on a radio or television and you will be notified with a message via the “Emergency Alert System” (EAS) on your television or radio as to the nature of the emergency and any instructions needed to ensure your safety.
  •  The City of Brooklyn has a Community Alert Notification calling system. This system will automatically call every resident with a landline telephone and alert them to the cause of the siren activation and any instructions or information needed to ensure your safety. This will also be done in conjunction with the previously mentioned (EAS) system.   To sign up for the Community Alert Notification System, please visit our Home Page and click on the Ready Notify link. 

Currently, these sirens are tested on the first Saturday of every month at approximately 12:00p.m.for 3 minutes.

Please be advised that there will be times that the sirens may be turned on during times other than the normal Saturday testing days. This may occur to help trouble shoot any problems they may be having. Please DO NOT call the Police or Fire Department seeking information as to why they were set off. Instead, if you feel this may be an actual emergency, please follow the steps listed above.