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Fire Department

Contact Information

8400 Memphis Avenue
Brooklyn, Ohio 44144

Kevin Paul, Fire Chief 

Fire Non-Emergency


Room Rentals

The Brooklyn Fire Department consists of the Chief, 6 lieutenants, 15 full time fire fighters and 7 part-time firefighters who are certified paramedics.  In addition to fire suppression duty, 15 members are also State Certified Paramedics that man 2 Advanced Life Support emergency medical rescue squads.

Presently the Fire Department transports to three facilities: University Hospitals Parma Medical Center, MetroHealth main campus and MetroHealth Parma Facility.  In the event of a life threatening illness or injury it may, however, be necessary to transport to the closest appropriate facility. During special circumstances, (and with the approval of our Medical Direction) upon a patient's request, transports may be made to Fairview Hospital, Lutheran, and/or Southwest General. 

The City of Brooklyn has joined 18 other cities in the Southwest Area to provide expertise in the areas of hazardous materials, technical rescue, tactical ems to support police SWAT and the newly organized fire investigation task force. This allows each city to share the cost of manpower needed to provide these highly specialized services. The Brooklyn Fire Department provides two members to the Haz-Mat Team, two members to the SWAT Medic Team, two members to the Tech-Rescue team, and two members to the Fire Investigation Unit. Our goal is to continually improve the service we offer to our citizens.   

Basic Services

  • Fire Suppression
  • EMS
  • Fire Prevention
  • Public Education

Mission Statement

To provide services to our community in life and fire safety through education, innovation, commitment, and compassion.


Setting the standards of excellence; guided by principles of trust, integrity, honesty, loyalty, and respect for all.


smoke detectors

The Fire Department has a limited number of smoke detectors for those residents who need them.  Please call 216-635-4288.   If you need assistance installing them, please let us know. 


While open burning is prohibited by local and State laws, it is not the intention of the Fire Department to ban the use of an outdoor fireplace, "Mexican Chimney," or any other device that contains a fire for a recreational or cooking purpose.  The following are appropriate fire and life safety guidelines that will be followed when using these devices to avoid accidents and/or other issues.

1. The device must be located, at a minimum distance of, fifteen (15) feet from any structure.
2. The device must be attended by a responsible adult at all times while in use.
3. Fuel, such as seasoned wood, must be used so that it minimizes the generation and/or emission of contaminants.
4. No materials will be burned that may contain rubber, grease, asphalt, plastics, and/or petroleum products.  Artificial "wax" fireplace logs are permitted.
5. The device used, will only be permitted, when atmospheric conditions will allow the dissipation of smoke and contaminants.  The smoke must not be deemed objectionable to neighbors. 

Please contact Chief Kevin Paul at 216-635-4226 or with any questions or concerns. 


Alarm, Sprinkler, Hydrant permits


Community Involvement

The Fire Department is built around the community. We recognize and value that our presence is dependent on the community’s needs. We will always strive to make our citizens and Administration proud of their Fire Department. We involve ourselves with the City’s schools, conducting fire safety education classes, participating in Safety Town, and conducting evacuation drills. The Fire Department is here to serve whatever your needs are, we are here to help, or will put you in touch with the proper authorities that can help you. This Fire Department belongs to the City Administration and the citizens of Brooklyn and our personnel are proud to serve.

  • CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)
    The Brooklyn CERT is made up of the residents of Brooklyn, who are trained under the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Association’s (FEMA) curriculum standards. These volunteers assist the Public Safety Forces in the handling of major incidents and special events. Their dedication and compassion is an asset to the community. Anyone that may be interested in becoming a member of this group of professionally trained and skilled individuals can contact Acting Chief Kevin Paul at 216-635-4226 or
  • 2017 Annual Report
  • 2018 Annual Report