Building Department

The Building Department is involved in all activities associated with residential and commercial construction projects. To safeguard the residents and property owners of Brooklyn, the department reviews construction plans and documents, issues permits, inspects work and registers contractors to verify proper licensing (when required) and insurance.  

The department is responsible for ensuring that construction and alteration work meets the standards defined in all applicable codes and approved plans. Enhancing property value is important to the community.

Through the Property Maintenance Program, the department inspects exterior property areas and rental dwellings.  The Building Department licenses rental properties, registers vacant properties and requires notification of foreclosures.  All of this information helps the department identify repairs that homeowners should remedy before they become expensive problems, while also increasing accountability for issues relating to vacant and foreclosed homes.

To schedule inspections 

Please use the portal and you can select a date and time that works for you or call 216-635-4203, twenty-four (24) hours in advance of your requested inspection time.