Garage Sales


6th Annual Community-Wide Garage Sale

Friday, June 24th 
Saturday, June 25th
Sunday, June 26th.
9 am till 5 pm each day

Interactive Map

Community-Wide Garage Sale Participant Map and Listing

Regular Garage Sale

Any person intending to conduct a home sale shall notify the Building Department by submitting a Garage Sale Permit Application at least 24 hours in advance. 

The garage sale permit is free.

"Home sale" means a transfer of ownership of tangible personal property to the general public conducted on or within any portion of a residential premises, including, but not limited to, garage sales, patio sales, yard sales, basement sales, rummage sales, porch sales, driveway sales and the like.

Home (Garage) Sale Ordinance

  • No home sale (garage sale) shall be conducted by the same resident or a member of the family of such resident on the premises of such resident more than three times each calendar year. 
  • No home sale shall last more than three (3) consecutive days
  • No person shall conduct a home sale except between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.  
  • After the expiration of each day of the sale, all merchandise offered for sale shall be placed inside the premises and not within the view of the general public.

Signs advertising home sales shall be permitted as regulated by City of Brooklyn Ordinance 1129.03(B)(4):

B. Signs shall be placed only with the knowledge and consent of the property owner where the signs are to be placed; and no signs will be displayed on any public property, roadway, dedicated right-of-way (tree lawns), vacant lot, tree, utility pole, fence, traffic sign or other similar location. (Ord. 2006-64.  Passed 12-1-06.)

     (4)   “Garage” sale signs.  Residents posting signs in conjunction with a "garage" sale (which term shall include yard sale, porch sale, house sale, toy sale or similar terms) in a house, garage or yard may post a maximum of three signs which shall not be displayed more than two days in advance of the sale. All signs must be removed on the last day of the sale. No sign permit or fee shall be required. The City of Brooklyn is not responsible for lost and/or missing signs.

Permit required to be submitted prior to sale by regular mail or email to: