Flood Issues

The city is encouraging homeowners who have experienced flooding in the past 2 years to please fill out a Flooding Report form.  This will help to track our flooding concerns and be able to propose a solution.   Please also fill out this form for any future flooding issues that are experienced.    Please call 216-635-4219 if you need a form mailed to you should this occur.  

Residents that experience flooding in their homes should contact the Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works Sewer Service at 216-443-8201.   If the flooding occurs after hours or on a holiday please contact 1-800-683-2689.  

Common Problems that Cause or Contribute to Flooding

 1.    Roots is sanitary/storm lateral

2.    Improper connected storm sanitary lateral

3.    Broken Laterals 

4.    Downspouts connected to footer drains

5.    Surcharge of the main sanitary/storm sewer