Swimming Pool Requirements

1103.09(q) Swimming Pool. A swimming pool that is constructed or maintained on private property shall be subject to the following:

(1)Any swimming pool shall be located a minimum of 5 feet from the rear or side lot lines of the lot on which it is situated and a minimum of 10 feet from any building or structure.

(2)Any in-ground swimming pool must substantially conform to the natural grade of the surrounding land, and no part thereof, other than equipment such as diving boards and the like, shall be higher than one foot above grade.

(3)Every pool shall be constructed so that it can be drained into the municipal sanitary sewer or have a sump pump located in its deepest part, for the purpose of pumping out all of the water to a storm sewer opening. In the case of a pool being constructed on that land is not yet sewered, the owner shall pump or drain the water from the pool in such a manner as to cause no injury to other property in the vicinity of the pool. 

(4)All lights used to illuminate the pool, or surrounding areas, shall be designed, located, and installed as to confine the direct beams to the lot on which the pool is located. None of the lights shall be used after 11:00 pm if the pool is located within 200 feet of any building used for dwelling purposes.

(5) Any swimming pool maintained on private property shall be enclosed by a fence not less than four feet in height, but not greater than six feet in height. The fence shall have a gate that is kept securely locked during the time the pool is not in use by the owner or by anyone using it with the owner’s permission. Such fence shall be permitted in compliance with chapter 1105. For above-ground pools that are 48 inches or taller in height, no fence is required around the top of the pool. 

(6) Before any swimming pool may be constructed, a permit shall be secured from the Building Inspector. Application for such permit shall be made in writing and shall include plans and specifications for the pool and the enclosing fence, as well as plans showing the location of the pool with references to lot lines and other buildings on the property and surrounding properties.  

Permit application can be submitted on our portal: https://www.citizenserve.com/Portal/?installationid=405

You will need a site plan showing where to pool will be located with measurements to any structures and property lines. 

Site plan sample:PLOT PLAN SWIMMING POOL Rev