What size pool needs a permit to install?

All permanent and seasonally erected pools need a permit from the Building Department. Obtain copies of permit applications from the Building Forms page.

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1. What size pool needs a permit to install?
2. What is the first thing I need to do to obtain a pool permit?
3. What is a plot plan?
4. When should I apply for my permit?
5. Can the pool be placed in the front or side yard?
6. Can I put the pool at the rear or side yard property line(s)? How far must the pool be from my house and garage?
7. Is a permit needed for the pool pump / filter electricity?
8. Can I use the receptacle in my garage for the pool pump / filter?
9. The power lines from the pole to my house will be close to or above the pool, what should I do?
10. Can I use exterior lighting for the pool?
11. Is a fence required for my pool?